Rainiy Beach Wedding – Tara & Sam


It must be every couples nightmare to wake up on their wedding day to look out the window and find that it’s pouring with rain. Not just a light shower but stormy black skies and heavy rain.
All morning I kept looking outside with fingers crossed hoping that it would pass. By lunch time the clouds had only gotten darker so I called Sam to see what the alternative ceremony location would be. After a quick chat with Tara it was decided that the ceremony would take place as planned. A very brave couple so I grabbed every umbrella that I could find and a huge blue waterproof poncho and headed off to Point Arkwright.
When I arrived I found the most amazing group of people that I have ever seen at a wedding. A sea of brightly coloured umbrellas above smiling faces, laughter and jokes being made as the rain fell and a groom in great spirits.
Tara and her bridesmaids arrived in the limo and I was a little anxious to see how they were faring. When the door opened there was my gorgeous bride hidden in a massive pile of taffeta laughing and smiling. Umbrellas were handed out and it was on with the wedding.
I honestly can’t tell you how wonderful everyone was. It is so very true that life is how you look at it and for this gorgeous couple life will always be an amazing adventure.

Look how wet Sam’s suit is and it’s only been a few minutes.

Gorgeous bouquets created by the lovely “iBlossom” florists at Moroochydore.

The lovely “Emily Glasson” styled all the girls hair and did their beautiful makeup. Stunning!

These gorgeous butterflies were released to represent family member that had passed on. One particular butterfly stayed with Tara for the whole day, sitting on her dress in the rain, even when we went to the beach for photos. I think her Nanna was watching over 🙂

How to catch a cold 🙂

Tara and Sam had their reception at “Coconut Grove Bistro” at Sunshine Beach.

Congratulations to a most gorgeous couple 🙂

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